Many times the recruiting process becomes frustrating simply because parents and prospects are not educated on the ever changing NCAA rules that occur each year. Edwina provides in depth coverage of these changes and how they may or may not affect a prospect’s recruiting process. She brings the rulebook to you and allows you to ask questions like; when can a prospect reach out to a college coach? How early should a prospect start to take their SAT or ACT? Are the current available recruiting services worth investing in for a prospects process? Do college coaches want to hear from parents or prospects most of the time?


Bringing the vision of staff in alignment with an individual’s goals. No staff is successful if they are unable to get players to not only buy in, but also believe in what the vision may be for a program. Edwina helps to integrate staff cohesion in order to present a united front to their members. She will present tools that will be useful to use and that stand the test of time.


Speaking topics will vary depending upon the need of a particular organization. This type of service is mainly combined with another and will address a need at hand previously discussed by the hiring organization or company.


“Teamwork makes the dream work”. During this 3-hour team building session, your team will provide the standards for their program, which affects the culture as a whole. They will learn to embrace that fact that this is “their” program, and they will withdraw only what is invested into the program. Each player will leave having a deeper appreciation of his or her role and contribution to the team. They will be given exercises that work to strengthen the level of trust between the groups.


These sessions will vary depending upon the needs of each individual program. Most of the drills and concepts taught were adopted from collegiate and professional mentors. Edwina will use a unique and charismatic way to communicate with players and to get them to think the game differently than ever before. Developing your basketball IQ, becoming a player that others want to follow, and building mental toughness have entered the category of skills that are imperative to becoming a successful basketball player. The days of skilling passing, shooting, and dribbling only have passed. We are now called to teach mindset and decision making when teaching the players of today.