Welcome to my blog! Well its sort of like a blog


If anyone really knows me then you know that growth is extremely important to me. It has been said, “The moment you stop growing is the moment you start dying.” I would have to agree. No matter your calling or situation, if you are not looking for opportunities to grow, I would argue that you are simply wasting time. Goal conscience challenges you, but growth conscience changes you.

I’ve always been curious about becoming 1% better everyday, but what I didn’t know is that it would become an obsession. So I have this crazy idea that perhaps there are others in the world who are just like me. Those that “need” to do the work, those that “want” to have responsibility in changing this world, or those that “must” have a voice in order to be effective.

What I wish to achieve with this blog is a platform where you can be heard. With a few guided rules of course. This will not be a gossip forum or complaining committee, but an opportunity to share with those that are looking for an edge by gaining information. There will be a wide range of topics not only from myself but also from those that I admire and who have caught my attention of having a wealth of knowledge to share with the world.

I believe we can learn from anyone if our hearts and minds are open to receive. We will discuss a wide range of topics to name a few; world of sports, single parenting, start up companies, travel destinations, and even the hot button of religion. If you are interested in providing an entry, you can send me a message and we will discuss the possibility of covering your topic as well.

I’m excited about this platform! This idea did not come on a whim but is one of my ways of facing my fears. I’ve thought about doing this for quite some time but never made the time to breathe life into it. To all those that are interested, take a look inside my head….